Repost: The Jihadis Next Door

(Update) This is a repost of an old TV review: The Jihadis Next Door (Channel 4). Despite the police and security services believing that brandishing the Islamic State flag, chanting that Sharia is coming to the UK – and all the other usual non-threatening rants on your average jihadi day out –  was nothing more than just a bit of banter and the chap exercising his right to free-speech. It turns out that one of the London Bridge attackers was serious and really did mean it after all, and if that wasn’t enough the guy gave us some pretty good clues on prime time TV. A known wolf we’re used to, but a known wolf given a starring role in a Channel 4 documentary is a whole other level of ridiculousness. If you arrest them on suspicion waging jihad you’re Islamophobic and targeting a particular community, if you don’t there’s a good chance your citizens might get their throat slit or at the very least stabbed. Here’s the original review:

Don’t we live in such a vibrant multicultural country? Don’t we? We do, don’t we? I’m sure, like me, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling – a sense of stability and security, that we’re all basically human beings underneath the facade, pulling in the same direction. What can one say about Channel 4’s new documentary The Jihadis Next Door, other than: how did we allow our country to sleepwalk into such a terrible mess?

The kind of footage aired in the documentary, is pretty much the usual stuff we’ve grown accustomed to in our perpetual state of 24/7 Islam: radical hate preachers subsidised by the tax payer, roaming at will through inner city London; blokes with beautifully moisturised beards; footage of the odd Muslim condemning it – never a mass rally mind or even a moderately attended street protest, just the odd one (I’ll guarantee this will be the focus of most of this week’s reviews, along with something about the programme dividing communities); the odd infidel beheading and, obviously, how we’re all going to burn in hell fire. So, pretty much your average weekday in the religion of peace (you should see what they do for New Year’s, crikey).

Having said all that, it doesn’t make it less shocking to watch – we’re not completely desensitised, yet. The range of emotions you go through watching the documentary is quite remarkable, I counted: fear, concern, sadness, helplessness and anger; I laughed twice, nearly cried once, and vaporised about 20ml of my super strength blackjack e-liquid. The most interesting bit however, is how articulate and goal orientated these people are and, of course, how stupid we are.

Clearly, your average bog-standard jihadi isn’t stupid; they know how to manipulate the law and exploit the weakness, as they see it, of our democracy; they understand how decadent our culture has become (through political correctness) and how to use it to their advantage.

“The people in this country are living in ignorance, their country is involved in war,” says, Siddhartha Dhar (aka Abu Rumaysah), a bouncy castle salesman and the man now suspected of being the new jihadi John in the latest Islamic State execution video. He continues: “If they continue to have this indifferent approach, it is not going to help them.” Check! I totally agree, albeit in a different way, but you get the idea. Another radical, YouTube sensation Abu Haleema tells a group of reporters outside of court that Islam will eventually dominate the UK and the flag of Islam will fly above Downing Street. A reporter shouts out “You’re joking?” “No, I’m not,” Haleema replies. — Probably best to take them at their word next time…


The Jihadis Next Door, Channel 4, 9pm, Tuesday 19 January