Unite Against Hate – Go out, protest, be angry if it makes you feel better

It has now become clear: the politicians and perpetually outraged ‘liberals’ have no idea what they’re for or against or even what they’re protesting about – they’re starting to sound like a broken record, not a very good record mind, more like a Engelbert Humperdinck B-side or something along those lines. You’ll rattle their music box now and again and out they pop whipped up into a frenzy of faux outrage and endless nuggets of non-sequiturs and banality. “Join our protest against Islamophobia and racism’, said one tweet. ‘LGBT & Muslims solidarity, unite against all hate’ and ‘Fight both homophobia and anti-Muslim prejudice’, bannered Peter Thatchell. You can’t help but think they’re missing the point – but this is the point: don’t be angry, be passive and shut up.

So on Sunday, Unite Against Hate, organised by Gays Against Sharia, Tommy Robinson and others took the unfathomable view that ‘carrying on’ and shutting up really wasn’t going to cut it in the face of mass murder and Islamic terror anymore, so they had a protest to “honour the victims” of hate following the suicide attack by Salman Abedi; the march also marked the death of 49 gay people who lost their lives in Orlando, Florida.

Sure enough even the suggestion of such a protest released the hounds of angry leftists and their lap dogs in the media decrying it all as racist, Islamophobic and far right.

Business as usual, but then our new elected spokesperson for Islamic issues and community cohesion, Andy Burnham had this to tweet:

To those saying they weren’t EDL – I honestly don’t care. They still need to take a long, hard look at themselves. @gmpolice deserve better.

But if taking a long hard look at yourself wasn’t enough to shut you up, Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester central said:

These people are so wrong. Wrong to cause such division in Manchester at this time of unity… They disgust me and bring shame on us all.”

You’d think that protesting against terror would bring unity and solidarity – apparently not, only teddy bears and Justin Beiber can do that; Manchester council Leader Sir Richard Leese agrees:

“The last thing they or this city needed was a bunch of racists descending on us from outside our city bringing their messages of hate and division.

When people come from far and wide to protest mass murder you can be sure that hate and division will follow in its stead.

Here’s city centre councillor Pat Karney, with his wise words on hate and division:

“Given recent events in this city, it’s disgusting that these people come to Manchester to peddle their hate and division.”

Pat Karney gets it though; telling people to shut up about Islamic extremism might not be enough, best to make democratic protest punishable by law:

The Home Secretary should urgently review all the regulations around holding these events

Go out, protest, and be angry if it makes you feel better, challenge the status quo – do the opposite of what they say. The politicians and anti-protestors are Great Danes, the Scooby Doos of political debate, confident in their own security, protected by the halo of political correctness, afraid of anything outside the echo chambers of Facebook and banal meaningless slogans, you have a right to protest and demand answers – don’t let them stop you.


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