The liberal left are screeching like babies over Brexit – and it’s hilarious

There is truly no greater pleasure – not picking dead skin, nor popping a whitehead, or even messy sex with an industrial keg of Nutella (imagine not even that!) – that can sate the sheer palpable delight of hearing the distant tantrums of remain cry-babies; tears welling, hands to ears, screeching NO NO NO, rattles slammed, as froth foams from their smug mouths and drips deliciously into their meat free cappuccinos or whatever it is these spoilt babies assault their digestive tracts with.

I am of course referring to the metropolitan liberals in the capital and the provinces (in Manchester we call brain dead central the Northern Quarter and Chorlton, you’ll have your own areas) that seem intent on being perpetually stupid all of the time – and these last few days they’ve been screeching louder than ever. Hilarious. And please don’t stop, I’m begging, you’re a continual source of amusement, a renaissance of British comedy.

And then we have the cultural establishment and wealthy celebrities. JK Rowling cried, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more” and “Goodbye, UK”. Singer Lily Allen tweeted: “Well millennials. We’re really really fucked”. Marrianne Faithful: “We’re back to where we used to be, the right-wing racist Little England, those dreadful people, they’ve always been there.” Presumably she’s addressing the majority that voted out. Third-rate rock star Johnny Marr was particularly elitist: “No one ever said that the majority knew what they were doing”. And watching smug prat Will Self throw a hissy fit on Channel 4 news with ‘a person of colour’ and leaver Dreda was deliciously satisfying. Expect the media in the coming weeks to be churning out reports about racist abuse to immigrants, when the reality is clearly much different.

The ultimate irony is, of course, that the educated liberal left – those on the side of ‘people of colour’, immigrants, the ordinary folk, the working class or whatever you prefer to call them; are actually trying to bully and cajole the peasants into voting for the expressed wishes of most of the Conservative party and indeed all established political parties, including the House of Commons and Lords and the entirety of big business and banks.  Funny that.


2 thoughts on “The liberal left are screeching like babies over Brexit – and it’s hilarious

  1. Yes, really great to hear the ‘celebs’ wailing from the perfumed air inside their gated communities.
    The Izzards, Rowlings, Geldoffs and other assorted twats.
    Hearing that the LibDems (who they ?) are going to ‘block Brexit’.
    Seeing the Conservatives void their bowels.
    Watching Labour implode.
    Oh man, this is really living on the edge!
    Seeing Cameron squirm and Osborne play the ‘Vanishing Man’.
    All told, worth the price of a ticket!
    Worrying thing is that none of them seem willing to accept democracy.
    Then the attempted stitch-up by allowing 2 million unregistered voters an extra 24 hours to register in the hope that would swing the REMAIN vote.
    Still they lost….and can hardly come to grips with the fact that if 80% (a low estimate?) of those 2 million voted REMAIN, that effectively robbed LEAVE of an even bigger majority.
    Now the stitch-up extends to denying the architect of “FUCK THE EU” , a gent called Nigel Farage, a seat on the Brexit negotiating team.
    But hey, has-been windbag Heseltine is saying give Farage a seat.
    Bully for him…it is only to create a fall-guy for when the ‘negotiations’ go tits up…which is the plan now to ensure we never leave Brussels. They will all blame Farage and send abject apologies to the Berlin bunker for having upset the Chancellor..
    Johnson and Gove, the Trojan Horses sent into the LEAVERS camp to undermine the fact that UKIP created the referendum….those two twats are popped in to deflect attention from UKIP.
    Will we live to see another day when the establishment and the luvvies got hoist on their own petard!?
    Brilliant. Best entertainment in years.
    Let us also ponder the fact that the German Reich called a meeting of the 5 founding members to discuss the ‘crisis’. Why them? In a union of equals ALL 27 (excluding the UK) should have met….but what the hell, since when was the EU interested in equality?
    Now we hear that Germany, France and Italy (Italy for Gods sake) are considering what action to take.
    Italy and France are financial basket cases and Germany seeks Lebensraum…well it needs it after admitting 1 million ‘asylum’ seekers. Watch that space.
    I await the implosion of the EU with keen anticipation.

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  2. I meant to add that just as in 1933 a big event was needed to rally the troops behind a faltering leader. So the Reichstag was burnt to the ground , the population were told it was a Commie plot and so they rallied around dear old Adolf Hitler…he said thanks by suspending free speech (for ever).
    Now in 2016 something similar happens….Jo Cox takes one for the team.
    But even that was not enough to help REMAIN.
    What next.
    (PS. I wonder why it had to be a Labour martyr, why not a Tory twat? Or are they not team players?)


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