After Brussels, Europe must abandon its safe space and face reality

It’s only matter of time before London gets the nothing-to-do-with-Islam welcome card – it’s inevitable, and that it hasn’t happened sooner is a testament to our effective security services. There are just too many bearded men mired in the sticky glue of self-proclaimed victimhood for it not to happen.

Watching the news coverage this week and the endless stream of so-called ‘experts’ offering explanations about tackling radicalisation and preventative measures; baffled as to why it happens in some places and not others. The reason is so obvious that it’s hardly worth saying: the more Muslims you have in your country, the more chance of terrorism; the more Islamic your country is, the worse off you’ll be.

Brussels is a hotbed of Islamic extremism and Belgium has contributed more fighters to the Islamic State than any other European country. In particular, the district of Molenbeek is a Jihadist swamp, has 22 mosques and it’s where the Paris attackers originated from. Why? Because Brussels has a Muslim population of 25 per cent – that’s why. And of this 25 per cent, 98 per cent belong to the Sunni denomination, which has a significant Wahhabi presence thanks to funding from our good friends and allies in the Middle-East Saudi Arabia.

And what about the Islamic Republic of France? Well, France has a Muslim demographic of around 9 – 10 per cent making it the largest Muslim population in Europe. The UK around 5 per cent and Germany about 6 per cent – and there’s more on the way, thanks to Angela Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies and high Muslim birth rates.

By contrast, the terrorist-safe places to be in Europe right now are Romania (0.1%), Poland (0.13%), Iceland (0.3%) and Latvia (2%). Western Europe is the new Pakistan; and it’s a wonder, given the West’s dodgy relationship with the Islamic world throughout history, why we let them all in in the first place. This isn’t racism it’s reality.

After the Cologne sex attacks I wrote:

It might be a good idea if Europe (or what’s left of it) at least quivered from its multicultural stupor, and accept that this very real Islamic threat – in all its wonderful multifarious forms – will only get worse until we’re at a point of near societal collapse.

 But this isn’t about them – the Islamists, the Arabs, the Muslims, the migrants, the asylum cases, the Tower Hamlets, the Mohammeds, the Quran and the Jihadists. After all, we can’t expect much from that lot, coming as they do from cultures where women are second, nay, third-class citizens, sexual assault is normal, homosexuals are pushed of cliffs, young girls are genitally mutilated, freedom of expression is held in contempt, apostasy treated with a routine beheading.

 No, this is about us. We’re the real problem. Our very culture (or what’s left of it) is imploding; we no longer have the will to fight for our civilisation; we are, as Osama Bin Laden succinctly put, ‘the weak horse’

And it will only get worse. Thousands of European jihadists have returned from Syria and are roaming at will throughout Europe – thanks, largely to open EU borders and the useless European security services (Belgium in particular is a joke). Many have hid among the asylum seeking army of young men entering Europe from Asia and Africa – more of that this summer.

And while obviously, not all Muslims (you have to say this) are roaming through the streets brandishing a scimitar looking to hack off an infidel head. The ghettos and sharia zones in which they live fester and incubate this ideology – why else would it take so long to capture the Paris attackers. When a community decides on one direction, namely isolation and victimhood, the others naturally follow suit – it’s human nature. This is war and it’s time Europe roused itself from its stuffy sleep – before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “After Brussels, Europe must abandon its safe space and face reality

  1. Absolutely right. Now we have more evidence of our spineless politicians refusing to accept reality. Nigel Farage makes the point that open borders in Europe are an open invitation to terrorists (jihadists and assorted jigaboos) to move freely about as they plot and perpetrate slaughter….what does ‘well-fed’ Dave Cameron say about that? He just condemns Farage and is joined by a chorus of the spineless and blind all falling over themselves to say Farage is wrong.
    Are these people blind? Do they have a death-wish? Are they willing to surrender without a fight?
    Are they happy for history to record them as Quislings? …. because that is what they are. By their inaction they are passively aiding and abetting terrorism, giving it the freedom to range at will and murder on a grand scale. In any properly ordered society they would be arrested and charged with treason. All Cameron does is waltz around Europe eating large dinners and spouting rubbish that he claims as ‘victories’. He knows that every terrorist atrocity is recruiting more and more to the LEAVE THE EU camp, Is he too paralysed and stupid to stand up for decency?
    The referendum will be won or lost on the question of immigration.
    Cameron is seemingly doing his best to lose…..and for that we must give thanks. Let the fool carry on with his head in the sand.
    That way he presents his fat arse to be kicked, and kicked it will be.

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