After Cologne, Facebook morons are relieved that David Bowie died

You may have noticed that liberals ain’t been liking, sharing and spluttering with their usual smug faux outrage over the past week or so. Funny that. You would’ve thought mass sexual assault on a previously unseen scale would’ve sent the algorithms of Facebook into a meltdown. But alas, no. Dead silence.

Now, here’s a rouse. Could it have something to do with the perpetrators being Muslim immigrants and the victims privileged white women? And hence, contradicting their core belief system? Does not compute. Beep, crash.

And when the likes of the Guardian and Independent realised they couldn’t get away with ignoring it anymore and had to at least come up with something. The excuses where so bafflingly idiotic (Read here and here) that not even the Facebook warriors bought it.

Then Bowie died. Everybody started liking, sharing, and pretending they loved the guy; Cologne was forgotten – business as usual (phew).

Incidentally I did (nay, still do) love the music of David Bowie. RIP.



One thought on “After Cologne, Facebook morons are relieved that David Bowie died

  1. It is a sign of the priorities our world runs on when mass molestation of women by infiltrating Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ (as they claim to be) can be so under-reported…and the death of a transgender drug-raddled string-plucker results in mass hysteria and floods of tears.
    Every idiot that could get in on the act did so. Politicians and clerics all trying to catch some of the free publicity. None encapsulated the hogwash band-standing better than the ex-landlady who slept with Bowie in 1973. By her own admission that was the last time she saw him….over 43 years ago! Absolutely ludicrous. The BBC determinedly gave her air-time and devoted half of all ‘news’ broadcasts to the clap-trap generated by his ‘brave’ fight against cancer.
    Has anyone suffered a cowardly death from cancer?

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