The New Year’s Eve sex attacks reveal a disturbing truth about the future of Europe

What is it about young Muslim men and sex? Arabs and Pakistanis in particular; I’m sure that Indonesians and Malays are far less rampant. I’m not being totally hypocritical; I have been known to gawp like a sex starved Sistine monk on a number of occasions. Most notably in Thailand, where I found drooling like an obese Pug a somewhat daily occurrence. The girls in Italy and Israel are pretty hot as well. But I’ve always managed to restrain myself from groping, assaulting and raping them – in my culture (or what’s left of it) it’s not the done thing.

Anyway, on the back of the New Year’s Eve sexual assault carnage across European cities by barbarian hoards of, yes you’ve guessed it, Muslim immigrants. It might be a good idea if Europe (or what’s left of it) at least quivered from its multicultural stupor, and accept that this very real Islamic threat – in all its wonderful multifarious forms – will only get worse until we’re at a point of near societal collapse. Think the Walking Dead, but replace the zombies with hoards of Darth Vaders (I’m only half joking).

But this isn’t about them – the Islamists, the Arabs, the Muslims, the migrants, the asylum cases, the Tower Hamlets and the Mohammeds, the Quran and the Jihadists. After all, we can’t expect much from that lot, coming as they do from countries where women are second, nay, third-class citizens, sexual assault is normal, homosexuals are pushed of cliffs, young girls are genitally mutilated, freedom of expression is held in contempt, apostasy treated with a routine beheading. No, this is about us. We’re the real problem.

Our very culture (or what’s left of it) is imploding; we no longer have the will to fight for our civilisation; we are, as Osama Bin Laden succinctly put, ‘the weak horse’. The establishment holds its citizens in contempt; the police are useless and corrupt, mired in misplaced notions of ‘ethnic sensibilities’ (let’s not forget the Muslim grooming gangs of Rotherham).

And whether it’s the political elite who opened the floodgates to these iPhone carrying ‘refugees’; or the metropolitan BBC, which routinely patronises the licence fee payer and took days to report on the New Year’s Eve assaults, and, when it did, drenched its coverage in nauseating political correctness (they first reported it as a protest against migrants in the vain of a PEGIDA rally). Or even worse, the Major of Cologne, who said that in future white women should cover up, and think about wearing something over their heads. (And yes, eventually white women will don the Burka in Europe.)

And what happened to the perpetually outraged feminists and social justice warriors? Of course, we haven’t heard a stir out of them; different rules when it’s immigrants or some other victimised minority group – again proof that what they really hate is Western civilisation, rather than the self-righteous causes they espouse.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ was Frank Sinatra’s epitaph, but it’d be more aptly applied as a new motto for the European flag – the quiet before the storm. Europe is fast becoming a colony of Islam – remember, we submit to them, not the other way around. They assimilate us. The more Islamic Europe becomes, the more intimidated women will feel walking down the street; the more our freedoms diminish and the less tolerant we become.

There’s an excellent quote in the mind your language column of last week’s Spectator:  ‘To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.’ My advice is get out of this continent while you can, there’s some really cheap flights to Asia at the moment –  and best of all, it’s not multicultural in any way.



2 thoughts on “The New Year’s Eve sex attacks reveal a disturbing truth about the future of Europe

  1. The apathy and acceptance by the West of domination by Muslim hordes has sharp parallels with what Stalin said:

    “The West will happily sell to the invader the rope which the invader will use to hang the West.”

    By giving in to Muslim demands at every turn the West is committing suicide.

    Those that say the few dissenters are racists are guilty of the greatest treason against their homelands.

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