Sir Ken Robinson and the lefty education establishment are wrong

Yes, Yes and Yes, the traditional Chinese method of actually teaching kids proved way more effective than the useless lefty dribble (even with the three weeks of pissing about) – what a revelation, who would’ve thought that teachers actually teaching would help kids learn and pass exams. When the results were revealed in the final episode of BBC2’s Chinese School: Are Our Kids Tough Enough? They had out performed their peers by 10%, proving that traditional teaching methods centred on knowledge and whole-class learning is far more effective than the silly child centred learning spouted by every teacher training college in the country.

Here are five reasons why:

The child centred method is as conformist as the traditional Chinese way. Sure the Chinese are automatons unable to think for themselves, forced into submission to toe the party line, but then so are our kids. Evidence: everybody of a certain age spouts exactly the same waffle about: multiculture, immigration and cultural relativity; British history – if they learn anything about it at all – (empire bad, we had guns, they had sticks); the welfare state; and your (sic) a racist. The flag raising ceremony – a source of pride in China – here a symbol of derision. It’s like we’re producing all these little Guardianistas without any of them reading the bloody thing.

If anyone is learning by rote it’s Ken Robinson (sorry, Sir Ken Robinson – I noticed he’s a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to titles). Proponents of this ‘child centred method’ like Sir Ken argue that children should be taught to learn critically rather than knowledge based, and he criticises what he calls ‘factory schools’ for learning by rote; yet by doing this he is himself regurgitating his progressive methods espoused by almost everyone in education – they’re all conforming to the same strict educational ethos. And besides the ‘child centred method’ isn’t as new or innovating as Robinson seems to think but it has been at the heart of British education system for 25 years.

Since these new teaching methods were put in place literacy and numeracy has plummeted, with up to a fifth leaving school illiterate, according to The Times Educational Supplement. Not only illiterate, but without any basic knowledge either: ask your average 16-year-old to name 5 prime ministers – you’ll be amazed. Needless to say, our kids are dropping in the league tables. In the 2000 PISA assessments British schoolchildren were ranked 4th in the world for science, 7th for reading and 8th for maths. By 2012, they’d dropped to 21st for science, 23rd for reading and 26th for maths. We’re also lagging behind Poland and Estonia. But don’t worry, our kids are discovering their true nature and being creative. No prizes for guessing which countries are at the top of the league tables and what method they use – suffice to say it doesn’t involve bingo and the students teaching themselves.

As usual the liberal attitude to education benefits the privileged and preserves the status quo. Think about it, if kids aren’t learning anything at school, then how are those from poorer backgrounds supposed to compete with those from privileged backgrounds, who will naturally have an unfair advantage coming from wealthier homes.

(In the same way it’s always the liberal left beating the multiculture and immigration drum – but it’s the poor who have to suffer the fallout.)

Most kids have no talent or creativity. Sorry, but it’s true. Our society is a great leveller isn’t it? Before it was ‘Yes you can – if you’re good enough’ now it’s ‘Yes you canno matter what, don’t let anybody tell you you’re not special’. Which naturally puts everyone at a disadvantage: if we’ve all got a degree what’s the point of having one. A degree is useless in today’s job market – now it’s about whom you know which again maintains our beloved the status quo. The overwhelming majority of kids aren’t special or creative (some are and they should be encouraged) – they’re just ordinary bog standard kids who would greatly benefit from being tested in core subjects like Maths, English and Science to help them face the future.


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