Isis can match Europe on welfare handouts any day

How do you get a potential Islamist to pack up and skedaddle to Syria and join Isis? No, but nice try, you don’t offer them a truckload of blonde blue-eyed virgins as soon as they cross the border – that’s for the afterlife – I’m talking about the here and now, the mortal realm. Yeah that’s right – you promise them all that western consumer junk they profess to hate, plus extra benefits and a truck load of other free stuff – every little helps – or what the Islamist superstar and natural all rounder Anjem Choudary likes to call the ‘Jihadist Seekers Allowance’.

According to Choudary, even some revered Islamic figures have only ever worked something like 1 or 2 days a year, “The rest of the year they were busy with jihad [holy war] and things like that,” he said. But, if you’re plotting to destroy the very existence of western civilisation, then, to be fair, holding down a 9 to 5 job is going to be a bit of a pain in the arse, a bit unrealistic; so it makes sense they’re all sponging off the infidel – at least it’s for a worthy cause then – it sure gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know my tax payments are funding Islam in Europe.

But, it’s not just Choudary and other Islamic hate preachers claiming thousands in benefits, but the wider Muslim community generally.

Statistics revealed in 2012 that half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed. In 2011 statistics showed that some 21.3% of Muslims have never worked a single day (excluding full-time students) – for the UK as a whole the figure is just 4.3%. This trend is repeated across Europe: In France 40% are unemployed and receiving benefits; in Germany the number is 50%. Around 40% of welfare payments in Denmark go to Muslims (which constitute about 5% of the population). Oh, and the more brats you have, the larger the welfare payments – so, no prizes for guessing who has the most kiddies then. Obviously, they’re community that likes to free load.

When Choudary talks about a “Jihadist Seekers Allowance” he isn’t joking. Some Muslims interpret the welfare payments as a form of jiziya – a sort of tax paid by non-Muslims as a sign of submission to Islamic rule and a kind of contribution payment – whether Europe is submitting to Islam is up for discussion, but they seem to get a way with a hell of a lot – social benefits are seen as the right due to their higher dominant position, as embedded in sharia.

Jihadi John, Abu Qatada and all the rest of them were all receiving state handouts.

It should come as no surprise then that Isis are attempting to lure Europe’s Muslims to join the jihad by giving them a truck load of the good life. It was reported in The Sunday Times that Isis are offering potential recruits electrical appliances, more cash for each child they bring, and even encouraging pizza and takeaway chefs to set up shop there; apparently, foreign fighters have been craving western food – the Syrian stuff just isn’t up to their exceptionally high standards found in Pakistani establishments across the UK.

So, for your young budding Jihadist who’s a bit apprehensive, a little concerned – what with all that infidel blood, gore, rape and general carnage – the promise of a new microwave and Chicken Tikka pizza is the deal breaker. Isis also pays the rent for family accommodation, (In the UK, Muslims are the most likely of all religious groups to be living in social housing), you also get a basic monthly food allowance, gas half price, your water and electricity free, and a monthly wage of about £320, plus additional cash if you have a wife, and wage increases per child – as Choudary says a bit like a “Jihadist Seekers Allowance”.

(I’m guessing they have an assigned Jihadi coach – who checks that they’ve done the bare minimum, say, chopped off at least 2 infidel heads, done a bit of rape and pillage, you know the basic stuff, before they receive their payment. Your next appointment is at 11.35 next Thursday – don’t be late or your claim maybe affected.)

They want it all don’t they? The benefits and comforts of modern western life – mobile phones, Starbucks, pizza – yet happy to live in the mind-set of a medieval cleric. (I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a burka wandering around some fancy clothes shop – when do they wear the bloody stuff? – perusing sexy knickers, or leaving Lush chatting on their IPhones.)

Isis – adaptable and astute as always – have tapped into this, and are now matching us on welfare payments, hopefully it’ll lure a few more of them away.


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