The siege of Calais and the globalisation of the entitlement culture

Mohammed (yeah, him again) is sat at home with his mates Mohammed, Mohammed and Mohammed, watching the footie, wearing his Man U t-shirt, drinking a coke zero, and sharing a bucket of crisps. Tomorrow they’ve all decided to risk the journey and go to Europe – lucky us! They’ve heard the rumours, the hearsay about England “It a beautiful country, where you find good work, a nice Muslim ghetto – they even got the same culture and everything innit.” So, they’re going to give it a crack. They take off to Libya with their $5000 (it’s a mystery where they got it); the first choice is Manchester (because of the football, of course), but if they have to – they’ll settle for London, and maybe even Birmingham, if push comes to shove. So off they go, to claim asylum and perhaps in a year bring the whole family over. It’s as simple as that. In other words: they just feel like it.

There are many reasons why people want to come to the UK; for the migrants storming the channel tunnel it’s a western lifestyle and money, not sanctuary – don’t be fooled. Don’t blame Cameron for invading Libya or other various conflicts (most aren’t coming from war torn regions anyway), just blame, if anything, television and the Internet. With economic globalisation came the globalisation of the entitlement culture – which now even extends to the furthest reaches of the third world.

During the height of the crisis at Calais a few days ago, The Daily Mail reported that a gang of 200 migrants were filmed chanting ‘open the borders’ and demanding to be let into Britain. The key word here is ‘demand’. In the past, migrants came to Europe seeking a better life, hoping to work hard and provide for their families (which many did and fair play). Now they come demanding a better life. They feel they’re entitled to it – you know, just like my generation are entitled to a university education regardless of academic ability, government hand-outs, IPads, 50-inch televisions – in the same way, that baying mob in Calais are entitled to our country, our history, jobs market, social housing and generous welfare system (which is all paid for by tax-payers – by the way), we owe it to them and they have a right to it all.

Many were heard chanting: “Why do you kill us? Why did you kill my sister? We are coming to save our lives.” Sammy, an Ethiopian Lawyer, in near perfect English shouted, “We are humans. We are not animals. We have rights. Stop the police. Open the borders – just like in Italy.” This is the equivalent of chanting in a jealous rage as you break into your wealthier neighbour’s house, “I am a human. Why shouldn’t I have a bigger house and a better car? I have rights. Open your doors.” Well, unfortunately for Sammy and his mates, there’s this thing called private property in the West; and if he had his way, we’d have to abolish it.

Also, like the Islamists, the migrants know how exploit the weak western horse, they’ve got our number alright, our Achilles heel: the ridiculous human rights system, the insanely lavish welfare state, and the big one: our unrelenting fetish for the minority victim – even one who’s spent $5000 getting here, imagine what you could buy in Africa with that, how many people you might help. But that’s not enough for Sammy, he want’s it all, and he wants it now. In fact, ironically, far from being desperate refugees from a ravaged distant land; they have far more in common with our culture of victimisation (gender me this gender me that, BAME and the feminists) than do they do any genuine refugee. They’re playing the victim card and as they know, the west loves a good victim.

Obviously, then, few are genuine asylum seekers – whatever that means. But if they were in real desperation – and I don’t mean desperation for a new fitted kitchen and a Chelsea season ticket – but rather genuine need, then why risk your life, which by all accounts is even more dangerous, crossing the hazardous Mediterranean in an inflatable dingy?

So, these people have no right to be here. If we grant asylum, instead of kicking them out, we are essentially condoning their actions – which will only encourage more to come: “Congratulations Mohammed, you’ve risked your life, in the most reckless way possible, here’s a few bob and your keys to your new, yes that’s right new, council flat in Islamic borough of Tower Hamlets. Let’s see what you’ve won: Tower Hamlets comes with mosques, burkas, FGM and even a local corrupt mayor – yes, that’s right, it feels just like home.” News reporters, instead of asking how they got here, should ask why they came here and what specifically is wrong with France. Why are they so bloody picky?

True asylum seekers, who are genuine victims, like those brutalised women in the brilliant Channel 4 documentary Escape from ISIS, are not risking life and limb or paying thousands of pounds to some dodgy people smuggler – no, they merely want to return home, to get back to normal family life in Syria. The media love to play up how many women and children are attempting to reach Europe – yet very few are, just Google images of the mayhem and you’ll see dodgy hooded young homies, mostly Muslim (of course) – hunched down, dressed in western attire, resembling more inner city drug dealers than anything else.

Besides, do we really need more Muslim youths in this country? I think not. So, as usual, the wrong people are getting asylum. If anything, this country has an appalling asylum record.  It’s not the migrants fault either; rather Europe’s fault for declaring to the world: come and fleece us, you’re entitled.

(Read here my NCTJ portfolio article about my experience living in Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa)


One thought on “The siege of Calais and the globalisation of the entitlement culture

  1. Good point about the rape victims; and what is striking about the whole issue of mass immigration is the silence from almost all feminists that the men who have paid to be trafficked into Europe are those with the strongest cultural disposition towards rape.

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