It’s just so sexist that men can’t have babies

The way the liberal press, feminists and even now the Prime Minister constantly bang on about women’s rights, you’d be forgiven for thinking we live in a third world cesspit, where women are second class citizens, forced to cover themselves, banned from driving and held at ransom by Islamists.

Writing in The Times today, David Cameron says every large company must ‘publish the gap average between every male and female earnings’ – by the time of the next election, Labour aren’t going to have any policies left.

The rise of this new feminism, which is now being propagated by our politicians is baffling, considering women have equal rights. If anything feminists should be concentrating their efforts on Islamic countries – where women definitely don’t. (If one wants to know real gender inequality watch Escape from Isis on Channel 4 this Wednesday.)

The PM boosts that the number of women MPs in the House of Commons has ‘risen by a third, and one third of those around the cabinet table are women.’ He continues that ‘women now make up at least 25 per cent of all FTSE 100 company boards — a target set by government, a target met.’ Apparently, women must now make up exactly half of every profession or else there’s going to be trouble. So, what next? Half of the male half of the Commons must be gay, while half of the female half must be lesbians, while half of that half must be half bi-sexual and half of the bi lot must be half transgender, until exactly half are non-gender specific – neutral half casts, until there’s no halves left anymore because everyone is exactly the same.

Cameron writes that ‘nearly half of our medics, biological scientists and chemists are women. But just 7 per cent of engineers are female. Women are just a fifth of IT technicians.’ Big deal. Women make different choices about what professions they choose. Let me given you an example. Just like men, there are some professions where women dominate – and I’m not just talking about nurses; but also schoolteachers, social workers, psychologists, veterinarians, advertising and promotion managers, public relations managers, tax preparers, counsellors, film editors and so on. It’s just that men don’t choose to go into those professions; similarly girls don’t want to be builders or (what was it) computer technicians. It’s simply the product of having ‘freewill’ and living in and free and equal society.

He continues that women ‘still earn just 80p for every £1 earned by a man’ and that it’s a ‘scandal’. Of course, nobody is saying that people shouldn’t get the same amount of pay for the same job – that’s a given. But it’s not the point. The point is that women make different choices to men about what professions they choose – typically jobs that don’t pay as much. Women also take more time off work to socialise and spend with their families, and some may even have families.  The only way the statistic he quotes has any weight, is if you make a direct comparison with every single profession and every conceivable situation, including length of service, aptitude, ability, experience and education.

A good example of this is the controversy surrounding the so-called gender pay gap in Wimbledon a few years ago. Today both men and women get paid the same. Sure, there was a pay gap, but that was because men played more sets, hence more games and therefore expended more energy; not to mention the fact that men’s tennis, like football, is more popular and therefore attracts more advertising revenue – the market dictated their higher salary, not their genitalia.

The problem with the pay gap, ’80p for every £1 earned’, as Cameron writes, is largely down to the fact that it’s women, biologically, who have children; and therefore have to take more time off work to care for them – presumably because they want to, rather than being forced to by nasty men. This will naturally affect their careers in the long run.  Caring for your offspring is what happens if you’re naturally, you know, a mammal.

Here’s what I suggest: to get it absolutely spot on – to keep all parties happy – we should give up having children altogether, just let the Muslims – who have the highest birth-rate anyway – have all the babies (then there really will be gender inequality); or, even better, find some way for men to pop out a brat or two (besides how dare men not have any babies, that’s so sexist isn’t it, considering gender is a social construct); or even better, stop complaining about problems that don’t exist.


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