Update on my transethnicity and Michelle Obama’s “empowering” speech

This is my struggle, this is your struggle, this is #ourstruggle

WARNING! The following is an attempt at the lowest form of wit, i.e sarcasm.

Having made the brave decision last week, of outing myself as transracial (I identify as black); I have stunned both family and friends; while understandably shocked at first, they’re 110% behind my decision. At first my poor Mum wailed and pleaded, “But can’t you change back?” “No, Mum, it’s what I am…and besides that’s offensive.” I’ve also had amazing love on twitter from #transracial #wrongskin

Transrace1 trans2 trans3 trans4

Nevertheless some transphobes, haters and bigots were out in force, venting their spasms of hateful cis-racism on twitter – there’s still some way to go before society accepts us.

haters1 haters2 Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.57.54 Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 14.52.49

I’m also thrilled to hear that fellow transracial person and professor of Africana Education at Eastern Washington University Rachel Dolezal who outed herself last Thursday as trans black. Like me she has bravely rejected her European heritage to become what she truly is – big kisses Rachel, we love and support you 100%.

Haters may say that it’s all ‘bullshit’ that her parents are ‘white’ and has acquired a fake black dad and pretends that her black adopted brother is her son. They’re wrong, bigoted and racists. The next stage for trans persons is obviously medical transitioning.

The essential part of the process involves injecting my skin with melanin – like Michael Jackson, also a trans person. A lot of folks don’t realise what a big deal this is, both emotionally and physically – it’ll also set me back a few bob too, as the tax payer doesn’t cover it (I’d be grateful of any financial support – contact me personally via email).

As with the transgender community it’s best to ‘transition’ as soon as possible to prevent future complications, for example, within the next five years hopefully I should be either: in jail, living in social housing or a drug dealer.

Michelle Obama’s empowering speech

So, Michelle Obama gave a speech on female empowerment in a school in the Islamic Caliphate of Tower Hamlets. Mulberry Schools for Girls, an Ofsted success story, was chosen for (you’ve guessed it) its ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism, by which they mean – entirely populated by Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.

The first lady went on to praise the local area – a hotbed of Islamic extremism and corruption, with an ousted Mayor and council so corrupt, it’d make you wonder whether all these problems, may in some way, have something to do with Islam. (And take it from me having lived close to the borough, the place is an absolute shite hole, as with most of East London.)

She said: “The world needs more girls like you...” and “I’m here because of you. Because girls like you inspire and impress me, everyday.” What’s that then – girls wearing the hijab. Very empowering.

Just like a lot of Muslims in this country Michelle understands what it’s like to be the odd one out – she’s like them, because Muslims are the odd ones out too. ‘Do you wonder if people will ever see past your headscarf and to who you really are?’ she asks. Well no, that’s the point of the headscarf – so people can’t see, that’s why Muslims put it on – to see ‘who they really are’ they’d have to take it off – it’s all very empowering stuff.

She described the area as a place where ‘families are very tightly knit…with strong values‘. ‘Tightly knit‘ apart from when one of them takes off to Syria and the rest of the family claim ignorance: “If only I’d listened to her at the dinner table when she was bothering me all about her new hobby – chopping off infidel heads.” And ‘strong values‘, umm…almost half of Britain’s 1300 Female Genital Mutilation cases comes from London, and guess which areas? yeah you’ve guessed it?


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