Gove vs some actors, masturbation vs the NHS and why working for free is stupid

Gove vs some actors

Our new national treasure, Sherlock Cumberbatch Holmes, and a whole array of other thespians are out in force, loud and self-righteous, spouting their hatred and contempt to the government’s plans to scrap the defunct European Court of Human Rights Act (surprise! who would’ve guessed), which stupidly Tony Blair placed at the apex of our legal system in 1998.

It is important to remember that: actors pretend to be other people for a living – they don’t form government policy, they’re not elected politicians, neither are they academics or columnists – yet they, and strangely we, believe them to be some higher authority with the right to deluge us with their political opinions.

Remember people, just because Cumberbatch pretends to be a smart guy on television – it doesn’t mean he is one. And if Michael Gove thought that clashing with the educational establishment was a challenge – wait until he gets down and dirty with the massive human rights lobby groups, Eurocrats, and the powerful celebrity establishment.

Here’s what Sherlock said:

“Our Human Rights Act belongs to all of us. It’s not for politicians to pick and choose when they apply or who deserves protection.

 “Repealing it will mean less protection against state abuse or neglect, and weaken the rights of every single one of us – and the vulnerable most of all.”

There’s not much need to go into the arguments about why the ECHR act is totally ridiculous – that’s pretty obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence; and there are lots of examples attesting that it mainly benefits terrorists, illegal immigrants and criminals, than it ever does ‘the vulnerable’. However, the problem is not so much what it says, rather how it is applied and the interpretation given.

Contrary to what Mr Holmes said, it should be directly elected MPs and politicians who ‘pick and choose’ when the human rights laws apply, rather than Euro judges who are accountable to nobody. It’s ridiculous to suggest that without they-who-know-best in Brussels, the UK justice system would turn into barbaric free-for-all.

Moreover, when power shifts from elected MPs to judges – intent on imposing their own political agenda – we are in very dangerous territory indeed. Let’s not forget that having complete control over the justice system – allows the powerful to eliminate any poor sod who doesn’t tow the party line.

The NHS vs masturbation

National religion and biggest waste of money in the history of anything ever: the NHS was prime electoral ground a few weeks ago, with every single party battling it out – to screw over the other in how much money they want to chuck at it.

With all parties wanting to ‘protect’ and increase spending to new dizzying and bewildering heights; even the once ‘libertarian’ UKIP veered left, in order to woe would be labour voters.

While the left, centre and right, may warn against ‘the increasing privatisation of the NHS’, they are in fact barking up the wrong tree – as usual. Masturbation is a lot more privatised than the NHS could ever hope to be. It’s private in every sense of the word – meaning a private act, best done in private. Unlike that NHS fad, which involves bloody everyone, every taxpayer, the neighbours, the dire receptionists at GP offices, foreigners and bloody old people – so old they’re like dinosaurs.

The NHS is like a massive national relief session, partaken in public and incredibly embarrassing. This has all been going on since 1948 or whenever it was and it’d be better for everyone if it were more private.

And finally…

Journalism must be one of the few professions where employers actually expect you work for free. Why? I wouldn’t ask somebody to cut my grass or clean my house for free – toying with them, ‘do this and you might get more work’ (saving me a few bucks in the process). Farcical ‘offers’ over the last few months have included a magazine asking me to write half of their content (including the editorial) and a gamers magazine who started to get stroppy when I gave up their pointless press releases. “You should all be chipping in,” they said, “and pulling your weight. That’s not a threat, but we know who you are.” Er? I think what you’ve got there lads is a failed business model.


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