The hypocrisy of modern feminists

For many, the dreadful uncomfortable reality that most people are heterosexual is incredibly frustrating and irksome. It seems to rub them the wrong way. Really grate on their nerves. Pisses ’em right off. New shocking poll data – way more accurate than those Ed’s 2 points ahead/even electoral tallies – shows that most people are attracted to the opposite sex. The secret is finally out: it’s where all the babies come from and no amount of social conditioning (yet), body manipulation or semantic word games with gender this and that is going to change it. It’s how the human race gets on – moves from one generation to the next.

Moving on, when Milibean and the rest of the left wore those stupid This is what a feminist looks like T-shirts – apart from laughing at the inanity of it all – many casual observers must have thought: “Umm, that’s what a feminist looks like, is it?” “So a couple of idiots and a rich Hollywood movie star.” In many ways, yes they’re right. But what it points to more significantly, is that modern day feminists prefer the empty meaningless slogans and fatuous gestures. Think about it. What does that statement even mean?

You may have noticed there’s been a deluge of ‘feminist’ uproar recently. The Feminazis have been strutting about on Twitter and Facebook with their snippets of faux-outrage being all anti-men. Whingeing about non-causes such as the ‘rape’ scene in Game of Thrones; the men are all potential rapist campaigns on our university campuses; ‘anti-misogyny workshops’ for rugby students at Oxford University; the #killallwhitemen used by the diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London; and then the more general day to day stuff such as men standing up for women on buses, asking them out on dates, being better at physics etc. Yet when it comes to actual real causes such as the treatment of women in Islam – you hear nothing from them. It’s a common thing nowadays, especially amongst the liberal left, to be hypocritical. The last time I checked being a hypocrite was definitely a bad thing. But now it seems to be rife.

Islam and modern day feminists have much more in common than you might think – they’d both be that couple at the dinner party that just seemed to hit it off – it was like, they just clicked, it was weird. As well as both having warped views of the sexes, it all goes much deeper, to a general rejection of western culture – there was a massive increase in conversion to Islam after 9/11, particularly amongst women.

But how come feminists never whinge about the burqa or the headscarf? It’s a fair question, considering Islam is the most patriarchal, male dominated culture/religion (you see what I did there, clever innit?) on the planet; unlike western culture, which lets them do what they want – which they ironically seem to object to the most. So, white guy opening a door is offensive, but a woman covering her entire body is fine, eh? These women – if you can call them that – are not miffed about gender roles and the ‘patriarchy’ generally; but rather western gender roles specifically. They’ve no beef with Asian or middle-eastern gender roles.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this feminist brigade just finally gave in and converted, donning the burka and the whole ensemble.

“It was my choice,” they’d say, “it set me free. I was tired of being a slag, conforming to the oppressive patriarchal European gender roles. That’s when I met Ahmed-a-getting-Outofhere. He was so respectful – unlike those awful white men, with their contemptuous ‘equal rights’ stuff, and taking their last names after marriage,” said recent convert, dressed up as a pint of Guinness.

“Before converting I was out whoring and drinking pints of the black stuff – that’s what they all expected me to do. I’d also flirted with Buddhism, Paganism, and the Church of Dancing Nuns; but Islam was the one that truly liberated me. When I first wore the headscarf – you call it that – I finally felt respected…”

It’s all part of the fetishisation of the other, the Middle East in particular, and the rejection and decline of western civilisation and Christianity generally. We live in a liberally permissive society and in a culture that worships the other as naturally more worthy (why for example can you only ‘find yourself’, in a shit hole in the third world? What on earth is wrong with Dagenham?). But let’s not pretend for a minute that these feminists are nothing other than hypocrites when it comes to their silence about Muslim or Asian gender roles. Come on ‘feminists’ convert, you know you want to.


4 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of modern feminists

  1. Spot on. There is now a feminist protest against the anti-miniskirt policies in Morocco. But hang on, isn’t wearing a miniskirt ‘objectifying’ women?


    1. Going by your name, I thought you were an awful lefty troll – but obviously not. I’ve been to Morrocco recently and I have a feeling – though I might be wrong – that they weren’t as many burkas on the streets as I see in Europe


      1. Thanks for viewing my blog and liking one of my posts. I was wary about hijacking your blog to publicise mine. I am a ‘lefty’ (Old Labour) on certain matters, which is why I enjoyed your post on the Faux Left, it summarised them all completely.

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