True conservatives should vote UKIP tomorrow

It’s quite clear to any true conservative that Dave is not a real conservative and neither are much of his party. Hence the coalition with their ideological opposites the Liberal Democrats; the change of logo to a green tree and his continued commitment to renewable energy policies and those ugly wind farms which destroy the English countryside; his desire to stay in the all mighty socialist European Union; their failure to deal with mass immigration which has actually increased under his watch; failure to commit to 2 percent GDP spending on national defence in the face of a very real Islamist threat and President Putin and a whole host of other stuff.

Let’s face it he’s blackmailing the natural Tory heartland into voting for him and his wishy washy centrist policies, because conservative voters have literary no-where else to go. Well they do, they can vote UKIP.

The establishment; the major parties; the BBC and Channel 4 have presided over a fascistic liberal hate campaign against UKIP and Nigel Farage the like of which this country hasn’t seen in a long time. Even yesterday a UKIP supporter in Bournemouth was attacked by a group of thugs for displaying his support of the party. Yes, there’s no fascist like a liberal fascist. Well to any silent kippers out there, what’s great about the ballot box is that no one knows whom you’re voting for.

Here are some great UKIP manifesto pledges (not about Europe or immigration):

1.  Bring back grammar schools and support a range of secondary schools including vocational, technical and specialist schools. Grammar schools are an excellent tool for social mobility, which allow students from poorer backgrounds to achieve more academically at secondary schools. By reintroducing different types of schools such as technical and vocational we will ensure that those who are not academically gifted would learn a trade, craft or skill to positively contribute to the economy rather than leeching of it and the tax payer by attending useless third rate non-universities to study pointless degrees and get themselves into massive debt. UKIP pledges to drop the arbitrary pledge of 50 percent of school leavers going to university. UKIP also supports the continuation of parental choice and continuation of free schools.

2.  Ending the ‘Green’ agenda.  And all of UKIP’s energy policies, such as supporting ‘fracking’; scrapping the 2008 Climate Change Act; rejuvenating the coal industry and ending wind-farm subsidies. The 2008 Climate Change Act or the most expensive piece of British legislation ever (costing at the very least £750 billion by 2050) was ironically overseen by Ed Miliband who laughably pledges to freeze energy prices. This law which commits the country to cut carbon-emissions by 80 percent will effectively de-industrialise the country – as CO2 admitted by fossil fuels pretty much keeps the country running from the internet to our transport system – by closing coal and gas-fuel power stations and replacing them with thousands of useless wind turbines. ‘Decarbonising’ the economy, hiking up green taxes and building more subsidised wind farms increases fuel bills for the rest of us and hits the poorest in our society. By encouraging ‘fracking’ – the extraction of shale gas – the UK will be less dependent on overseas energy from unstable Middle Eastern countries -besides shale gas extraction in the USA has proved incredibly successful and safe. The ‘Green’ agenda supported by all the major parties is essentially a canny way for all those Green Peace, Friends of the Earth hippies to cash-in and fleece the taxpayer of billions of pounds.

3.  Various policies promoting British culture. The left liberal metropolitan elite will tell you patriotism is wrong, racist etc. whilst exalting the ‘virtues’ of multiculture, whereby every other culture – however extreme – is to be celebrated other than your own. Multiculture means no culture and societies function better when everybody has a sense of shared values. And this is no more important than in the law, which applies to everybody because it’s the law, rulings from faith-based tribunals have no legal worth. And besides why on earth isn’t St Georges Day a national holiday?

4.  Cutting overseas aid. Charity begins at Home and I distinctively distrust that clique of people who are always banging on about international development and Africa. Why on earth would you care so much about people who have nothing to do with you? Answer: vanity and ego – it makes them feel better about themselves. But I digress; real international development comes from trade not aid, which always ends up in the pockets of corrupt despots. Free market capitalism will help Africa more than those patronising vanity projects.

5.  Drinking and smoking. It’s not a vote clincher, but it’s important. Taxation, regulation and banning smoking have all contributed to the closure of thousands of pubs. Landlords should be given the choice – like in Germany – whether they allow smoking in their own pubs; it has nothing to do with the state, the same goes with alcohol pricing and cigarette packaging. People should be free to choose whether they smoke or how much they drink.

Wouldn’t it be great if those policies were implemented tomorrow? So, show some back bone and show Dave the two fingers.


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