The Birds, The Bees and The Transgender toilet

There’s a whiff of 9/11in the air. One day you’re going about your business in blissful ignorance, and then comes the daunting realisation that there’s a subculture of Islamic nut jobs who want to eradicate the entire civilization that spawned you. Shit. And not only that, but this: these nuts might actually be your neighbours, friends, and family, maybe even a beloved pet. Now, I’m not comparing the new gender-benders to Islamists, but there’s definitely an odeur of something lying dormant, then suddenly bursting to the surface, lodging itself into the popular consciousness, and allowing a twisted consensus to form around it. In the case of ‘transgenderism’ an entirely erroneous civil rights movement.

Incredibly vexing – to the more mentally defective that walk among us – is the science stuff, which determines a person’s gender. “Biology is a fluid concept,” they say. “It’s part of the capitalist patriarchy, conservative whatever…” Let me give you a hint. If you’re confused as to what sex you are. Look down. If you see a penis you’re a man, if it’s a vagina, you’re a woman. What you choose to do with you genitalia as an adult is entirely your choice.

Despite what the LGBTXXQWE community and lobby are screeching, the difference between gender and sex is not a fluid concept, but merely semantic (it’s quite common to see the word ‘gender’ to denote male or female on application forms etc.). It’s merely the politicisation of a word by left-wing and feminists activists, to get people to accept and defend (when probably no one really cares) why a boy might prefer knitting than playing football, or a girl playing football to knitting.

In the Louis Theroux BBC documentary Transgender Kids we were given a glimpse inside the twisted minds of parents who encouraged and condoned transitioning in their children who believed they were born in the wrong body or gender. Without going into the gory details, transitioning helps a person change sex, through puberty blocker drugs, hormone therapy and ultimately genital surgery. In the documentary, the parents of five-year-old boy Camille/Sebastian were convinced that he was a girl. He fluttered around in his pink bedroom, dressed in frocks, sang Lady Gaga. Then we had Cole/Cristal where the distinctions were more blurred, preferring to play the boy with his father and the girl with his mother – the parents were divorced. Cole admitted that he preferred to be a man when he grew up.

In order to clarify, it is correct in stating that rather than being another form of sexual identity, gender dysphoria or integrity identity disorder is a mental illness, which its sufferers believe their limbs don’t belong to them. It is an incredibly rare disease and it’s best tackled through therapy rather than chopping off bits of the body. There are also people who believe they are dead – either actually or figuratively – it’s called the Cotard delusion, which is also best treated with therapy – a medical practitioner doesn’t just kill them. Both gender dysphoria and the Cotard delusion are rare mental illnesses. What we saw in the Theroux documentary, was child abuse, encouraged by insane parents, sanctioned by the state – and probably by the taxpayer in the near future – and indulged by charlatan hippy therapists following a liberal politicised agenda.

But the most astounding thing was the denial of the fact that children naturally do and say odd things. For example, if a child says he’s a lion, should I turn his bedroom into a cage and throw him chunks of raw meat, of course not. Equally, if a 5-year-old boy (like Sebastian in the documentary) says he’s a girl because ultimately it gets him more toys, should I deed poll his name to Camille, dress him up in frocks, and start injecting him with girl hormones, of course not. Remember that episode of Friends when Ross is embarrassed about family home-video footage of himself playing house with Monica – it’s quite normal behaviour; children don’t have a sense of gender or sexuality.

And this is not just restricted to San Francisco. According to the Daily Telegraph last week, the number of children who have been referred to the NHS to be treated for ‘transgender feelings’ has quadrupled in the last five years with kids as young as three being referred. The Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, the only centre specialising in gender issues for under 18s but expanding to open clinics in Leeds and London, said that the number of under 11s referred has risen from 19 in 2009-10 to 77 in 2014-15. While the NHS doesn’t currently cover for sex changes, the transgender lobby is campaigning for changes. Even last week President Obama, rather than deal with the growing threat of death cult ISIS in the middle east and the fact of his bankrupt economy, thought it was a better use of his time to install gender neutral toilets in the vicinities of the White House; not even the last hours of the Roman Empire were this decadent.

It’s the rise of identity politics, we define our political outlook in terms of our sexual orientation, race, skin colour, or whether we have a penis or not. Any slight criticism of our ‘beliefs’ is an attack on our very existence, we’re all soft little puppies, waiting to play the victim card and take to the streets, but more likely to wrap ourselves in a feather down blanket. Everyone is ready to take offence; they shout Islamophobe when you dare criticise the religion of peace, racist to be concerned over immigration, and now even transphobe when you state the biological facts of life. They claim to be tearing down boundaries, yet they’re the first to label everything, and the whole carnival sadly leads to the sexualisation of children.


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