The BBC and C4 are out of control

If I were Jeremy Clarkson, I would’ve smacked a BBC producer ages ago – what took him so long? It’s election time and it’s becoming impossible to watch TV without wanting to saw your own head off – unless of course you’re a lefty liberal, greeny, Islam loving variety. Not only that, but check this out from the IPSO code:

7.1 Broadcasters must avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations in programmes.

7.10 Programmes such as dramas and factually-based dramas should not portray facts, events, individuals or organisations in a way which is unfair to an individual or organisation.

What about this:

5.5 Due impartiality on matters of political or industrial controversy and matters relating to current public policy must be preserved on the part of any person providing a service.

You get the idea. I’d also like to add that these broadcasting regulations apply whether there’s an election or not. Yes, our national broadcasters – BBC C4 etc. – are so biased to the liberal left it’s amazing it’s even legal. Yet they get away with it because they know they can and most importantly we let them.

The pinnacle of the last farcical few weeks had to be UKIP the first 100 days, which was such a well-made reckless propaganda film, with its frightening use of image and language – that I actually started to question where I was living. From the Israeli flag depicted in a ‘right wing’ protest to the disastrous consequences following Britain exiting the EU, it had me running away to chain-smoke, until I coughed up green pustules of Phlegm.

Can you imagine Channel 4 broadcasting The Green Party the first 100 days, or The rise of the SNP: the road to nationalism – no way, remember you can only be ‘nationalist’ if you’re ‘English’ – whatever that means – (I ‘m still confused by those Visit England Ads: strange characters dressed in silly costumes trying to reinvent a vision of England – which clearly doesn’t exist anymore) – but I digress. Take for example the BBC Big Questions programme that dumb ‘debate’ show on Sunday mornings, which I continue to watch, despite my better judgement. Last Sunday, the question was something like: ‘Are immigrants scape goats in Britain’ – ‘Yes’ cheered 90 per cent of the audience, who all agreed that mass immigration was the most splendid wonderful thing ever, as they all booed at Peter Hitchens – who dared argued the contrary.

And it doesn’t end there. We’ve had the Pro EU BBC documentary The Great European Disaster (the BBC receives £22 million in funding a year from the EU), designed to scare the public into voting no, if there’s ever a referendum. Also BBC 4’s Climate change by numbers and last Sunday’s Britain’s racist election – which I didn’t even bother watching.

Take this: in 2008 those Ofcom guys I quoted above ruled that Channel 4 breached its impartiality requirements in broadcasting The Great Global Warming Swindle, which challenged the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Ofcom said the programme had not represented a wide range of views on the subject. Maybe. But can you imagine them doing the same, if it were the other way round. Not a chance. So in the interest of ‘impartiality’ I’ve a few ideas for documentaries, which I’m hoping the BBC and Channel 4 might take up:

‘Green Party: The first 100 days’:  A fun BBC4 look at this harmless gang of idiotic pseudo hippies, as we dissect all their policies as being completely ridiculous, and how years of lentil abuse and banging on about stuff like ‘global warming’ and ‘sustainability’ have completely eroded their mental faculties.  (Apparently, if you count the brain cells of all green party voters, you get an amoeba!)

‘Islam: the religion of peace? You’re having a laugh’:  This C4 mockumentary hosted by Jon Snow shows the great British public what they are up against with even the so-called moderates Muslims.

‘Peek-a-boo: Who’s that under the Burka?‘  A proper romp, Big Brother style, where Muslim women dressed in full bin bag regalia, are stuck in the house, while their husbands -desperately trying to baby sit their 20 brats – place votes to guess who their wife is – more difficult than you might think considering they’re all exactly the same.

‘Enoch was right, multiculture is a disaster!‘:  A new three part mini series showing the effects of mass immigration in Britain. This doc looks at these things called ‘facts’ as the BBC documentary team travel the country from the Sharia zone of Tower Hamlets to the migrant epicentre in the small town of Boston. We uncover how New Labour’s immigration policies have transformed the country beyond recognition.

So if any producers are interested you know where to find me. I don’t fancy my chances though.





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